Why OpticGrid? - 10 Reasons

1. Extravagant, Yet Affordable

We offer the most affordable SoftLayer Prices on the Planet! But, along with those great prices come even better features and options. We strongly believe in the phrase "more bang for your buck". Therefore, we provide you with over-the-top service for low prices.

2. Fast & Friendly Support

Without our customer support, we wouldn't be here. We understand that it is a necessesity. So, if you need help, we're there. Don't ever worry about being stuck with a problem when you're with us.

3. We Guarantee 100% Uptime

We Guarantee 100% Uptime We understand the need for your website to be available at all all time, which is why we won't settle for just 99.9% uptime. We find it necessary to ensure our customers that anyone anywhere can access their website and have it function to its fullest. In the occurrence that our uptime is less-than 100%, please contact our Customer Support Department and we will credit your account appropriately according to our Service Level Agreement.

4. Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Keeping customers happy is our highest priority. A happy customer is a long lasting customer and therefore we are not willing to sacrafice what ever it takes to keep our customers happy! If your having an issue or are not satisfied, do not hesitate. Contact our customer support department and they will make it their top priority to make sure you are satisfied!

5. Customer Affiliate Program

We feel that customers who speak are extremely important and because of this we offer an amazing Affiliate Program that rewards you for doing just that, Speaking! Tell your friends, family, co-workers and more about OpticGrid Network's and we will be more than happy to reward you if they by a server. Our affiliate payout is a monthly recurring amount so we arn't talking about chump change here! Get on it and check out the OpticGrid Affiliate Program page for more details so you can get in on the action!

6. Est. 2005

A best-in-the-industry company doesn't just form overnight. We have been in this industry for more than 6 years making sure that our customers receive the highest-quality service and support we can give them. We plan on continuing that stride for much longer, so don't worry, we're not going anywhere.

7. Overselling is Not an Option

When you buy our services you expect to get what you pay for. Which is exactly what you get, nothing less than that. We make sure that our customers can use every last bit of the resources there are paying for. We may even through in a free bonus somtimes!

8. More Features

In addition to receiving the most affordable prices and highest service, you also receive servers that come fully-loaded with every feature you could possibly imagine.

9. No Hidden Secrets

In any purchase you make, you are investing into something that you trust. We want to keep a lining of trust with our customers at all times and this is why we will never charge you for anything other than what you are receiving. No secrets, no extras. In addition to pricing, we also ensure no surprises in any of our agreements.

10. Supreme Excellence

Our work is nothing less than professional. We refuse to subject our customers to anything that could be detrimental to their business or investment. Therefore, we work day-and-night to make sure that your data is in safe hands to relieve you of any worries. If any problems are to arise, we will be there by your side, to guide you step-by-step, until your problem has been successfully resolved.

100% Uptime SLA

100% Uptime SLA

99.9% is just not enough and that's why we Guarantee 100% Uptime!

24 / 7 / 365 Tech Support

24 / 7 / 365 Tech Support

Need support? We're here and ready to assist whenever you need us.

Price & Plan Freeze

Price & Plan Freeze

The price you pay at signup is the price you pay forever! That's a Guarantee.